World Oral Health Day 20 March 2015

 World Oral Health Day 20 March 2015 Cambodia

“Smile for Life!”


City: Phnom Penh             Country: Cambodia

Name of Association: Cambodian Dental Association

Name of Team Leader:  Dr Solita Yam

Team Members: Board of CDA, Oral Health Office Ministry of Health, Cambodia Dental Council, Students from 4 Dental School, Seal Cambodia


Morning: 7:00 am – 10:30 am

Afternoon: 2:00 pm-5:00pm

Place: Koh Pich Convention Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Date of event: 20 march 2015

Events Goals, Brief description: To Raise up awareness of how oral health is important to all people regardless who they are!

Targeted People: Primary students, Dental Students, Public especially the vulnerable poor people.

Event Final Report (Include all details possible about your event):





Friday, March 20th, 2015

Morning Session: Formal Event


7:00 – 8:00 am: The arrival of invited participant, primary and secondary student (all together more than 1000 participation)

8:00 – 8:05 am: The arrival of Honorable Guest, minister of Health, H.E., Lady

of ministry of Health, Dean of Four Dental Schools, officer of

Department of Education Youth and Sport

8:05 – 8:10 am: National Anthem Salutation

8:10- 8:17 am:   Welcome Dance by Dental Students from International     University

8:17- 8:20 Am:   Speech by President of Cambodian Dental Association, Dr Yam Solita

8:20 – 8:25 am: Speech by President Of Cambodian Dental Council, HE. Sokhom rithivuth

8:25- 8:30 am:   Speech by NGO, One to One, Prof. Callum Duwards

8:40 – 8:50am:   The Opening Speech of H.E. Mom Bunheng

Minister of Health and the Declaration of the first     celebration of   “WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY 20 March”

“SMILE FOR LIFE” In Cambodia

8:50 – 9:30 am: The Activities by Students From three primary schools

  • Santhormok School : Group of 40 students perform short comedy of good brushing, sing a song ( 20- 30 Minutes )

2-Bak Touk School: Group of 30 students sing a song of How to brush properly  ( 5-

  • minute )

3- Norodom School: group of 30 students sing a song – Brushing Education ( 5-

7 minute )

9:30 – 9:40 am: Present the gift souvenir to students (Performance team fromThree Schools)

9:40- 9:50 am:   Present the gift souvenir to Teachers from Three primary School

10:00 – 10:20 am: The Ribbon Cutting to celebrate “WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY” and Visit Banner of Oral Health School Program

Activities and Dental Students Poster Competition and Seal Team (Apply Fluoride

And Seal on children teeth)

10:20 – 10:35 am: The Parade around Koh Pich and bunch of Balloon flies Release

10:35 am:              prepare students back home and distinguished guests leave

Afternoon Session, Action Plan:

We split up into three teams to go to public to provide oral health education and to share Oral Health Education Poster and Booklets, Toothpaste and brush.

1-           To Market ( Kandal Market and around riverside )

2-           To Market ( Orreussey Market and Cyclo and motor taxi community

3-           To Dump place meeting with Scavengers

Extra Activities: To access to more public we decide to partner with other team by donating Toothpastes, tooth brushes, Oral Health Education Posters and Booklets to NGO, Dental mission volunteer Team to far communities after 20 march.

Our CDA future Plan: as we got great support from Minister of Health showing by his attendance to our WOHD 20 March Event, we plan to make an official proposal for his support to list our WOHD 20 March Note in our Calendar.

The Participations: Morning session (More Than 1000 People)

  1. Minister Of Health, H.E. Mom BunHeng
  2. H.E., Lady from Ministry Of Health
  3. Oral Health Office, Department of Preventive Health, , Ministry of Health
  4. Cambodia Dental Council
  5. Board of Cambodian Dental Association
  6. Department of Education, Youth and Sport
  7. Dean of All Four Dental Schools
  8. Principals, Teachers of Three Primary Schools
  9. 500 primary students
  10. 400 Dentals Students from all 4 Dental Schools
  11. 60 Dental Students from all 4 Dental students volunteers to be LOC of WOHD 20 March
  12. Total volunteer to help: 100
  13. Media, Health Magazine
  14. Others


1-           More Than 1000 People Wear WOHD T- Shirt

2-           The Official Declaration of First WOHD 20 March In Cambodia

3-           The Oral Health Education to 500 primary Students

4-           Apply Fluoride to Primary Students as we had limited time on 20 march, we have consulted and applied fluoride for nearly 400 primary students only, out of 500 primary students invited to event.

5-           Seal on some Children Teeth

6-           We publish 1000 Oral Health Education Posters to send out to primary students and public

7-           We publish 4000 Oral Health Education Booklets to send out to Primary students and public

8-           Dental Student Poster Competition on Oral Health Education

The Three winners were awarded to join FDI Thailand 2015

9-           TV, Health Magazine

10-         Other


–              Number of Volunteers Participated: 100

–              Number of events (mention place and type of event):Only one main Event in morning ( Official Event to declare first WOHD 20 march in Cambodia, Koh Pich convention and exhibition center ) and action plan to reach more public in afternoon ( we are divided in three groups to different targeted public area

–              Number of People Participated to main event in morning: more than 1000 people.

  • People that got awareness raised: at least 4000 according to Oral Health Education Booklet printed but we believe more and more people we cannot count as we broadcast our event in three TVs and one Health magazine.
  • People that received dental check-ups : around 400 Primary students
  • No People that received dental treatment: NO dental treatment, we only consult and advise them to see their dentists, we mainly focus on oral health education and fluoride vanish.
  • Others (Mention details):

–              Media (Mention any publications, radio or TV interviews with dates): Hang Meas, Bayon, CNC ( CTN ), Health MAgazine

–              Sponsors (Mentions sponsors and amount of sponsorship):

1-           10.000 EURO from FDI Unilever Partnership

2-           1250 USD from Kravan Healthcare Co.,Ltd.

3-           550 USD from Dr. Yam Soline

4-           500 Fluoride Varnish ( Embrace Varnish ) From ADS Dental supply

5-           500 signal toothpaste ( size 160mg), 800

Notes: The link to Photos, YouTube of TV broadcasting,

A-           Oral Health Education Booklets and poster, Dental Students Poster Competition (The Winner of poster competition is File name 001, 002, 003, and is first winner, second winner, third winner respectively.), Banners for event.

B-           TVs broadcasting and health magazine:

1-           Bayon TV

2-           CNC, CTN

3-           Hang Meas

4-           Health Magazine:






















C-           And all the photos collection from The WOHD Events.

I have separated in four:

 1- WOHD Photo 1: First team who take photos on main event morning 20 march and their action plan to kandal market and around riverside area.


2- WOHD Photo 2: Second team who take photos on main event morning 20 march and their action plan  to Dump area, direct go to meet Scavengers , Steung Meanchey,


3- WOHD 3: Third team who take photos on main event morning 20 march and their action plan to Cyclo and Moto Taxi Community and market.


4- Our Action Plan after WOHD 20 March: Cambodian Dental Association doesn’t have enough human resource to reach more people especially orphanage or far-reach communities so we partnership with other volunteer groups by donating toothpaste brush and oral health education poster and booklet.










CDA Council Meeting Oct. 2011

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